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The National Geographic Society and Adobe Partner to Bring Creative Storytelling into the Classroom

The National Geographic Society and Adobe have announced today a new partnership to offer a series of free, on-demand, educational online courses designed to support digital literacy and creative storytelling for the next generation of storytellers.

Photo by Melanie Grant

Photograph by Photo by Melanie Grant

At the National Geographic Society, we believe storytelling shines a light on our shared human experience and plays a critical role in illuminating and protecting the wonder of our world. However, to truly reflect the world in which we live, everyone — from every corner of the world — needs access to the resources and experiences to help them share their stories.

That is why we’ve partnered with Adobe — a company that believes that everyone is creative and has a story to tell. With our shared commitment to storytelling, the Society and Adobe have announced today a new partnership to offer a series of free, on-demand, educational online courses designed to support digital literacy and creative storytelling for the next generation of storytellers.

“At Adobe, we believe in creativity for all. Bringing more creativity into the classroom is teaching important skills for a brighter future,” said John Travis, vice president, Brand Marketing, Adobe. “We’re excited to partner with National Geographic to inspire and enable the next generation of creators to share their unique perspectives with the world.”

The Storytelling for Impact program was created for educators of all levels and subjects and young learners ages 16-25 who aspire to use the power of photography, film, data visualization, and audio to make a difference in the world. The Society believes these young leaders are a part of #GenGeo: a community of young people who are committed to exploring connections, seeing how complex human and natural systems interact and change over time, and taking action for our planet. Storytelling for Impact aims to enable this generation with the tools and skills they need to find their voice, tell their stories, and connect with the world around them.

“National Geographic and Adobe share a belief that storytelling is a thread that binds people together, fostering connections, empathy, and an understanding of diverse perspectives,” says Vicki Phillips, chief education officer at the National Geographic Society. “This partnership is an exciting opportunity to equip young people and educators with world-class resources to tell their unique story and make an impact on the world.”

Each online course features renowned National Geographic Explorers, photographers, and educators, such as Sandesh Kadur, Leon Tynes, and Rachel Hansen to name a few. The experts will guide participants through the components of storytelling across different mediums including photography, video, graphics and audio. The first of five Storytelling for Impact courses, which launched today, focuses on photography and features National Geographic Explorers and photojournalists, Hannah Reyes Morales and Tailyr Irvine as well as National Geographic Explorer and photographer Erika Larsen.

"Photography is just one tool of a greater storytelling process. Storytelling in itself is one of the oldest traditions and it has been, I think, one of the most important ways that we have communicated as humans. It is just part of who we are.Erika Larsen, National Geographic Explorer and photographer"

With so many inspiring stories waiting to be told, the National Geographic Society and Adobe are committed to providing the tools, resources and inspiration the next generation needs to share their experiences, perspectives and ideas to make our world a more vibrant place.

Learn more about the Storytelling for Impact program and register at

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