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National Geographic’s Pristine Seas Team Joins the Blue Prosperity Coalition: The Launch of the Blue Prosperity Coalition Continues Momentum To Protect 30 Percent of the Planet by 2030

Written by Enric Sala, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, founder of Pristine Seas, and Director of the Last Wild Places Initiative

For the last ten years, the National Geographic Pristine Seasteam has traveled the world to explore, document and protect the last wild places in the ocean. Together with our partners, we have inspired the protection of more than 5 million square kilometers of ocean across 21 areas. But we know that is not enough.

Our work is part of the National Geographic Society’s broader vision to protect the natural wonders of life on Earth and move us toward a planet in balance. In order to achieve this goal, we’ve joined with the Wyss Foundation to develop a global Campaign for Nature with the goal of protecting 30 percent of land and 30 percent of our ocean by 2030.

A key step toward achieving this goal is working with governments, experts, and other conservation organizations to support the creation of protected areas in the ocean. That’s why we are proud to partner with the Waitt Foundation and the Blue Prosperity Coalition to ensure that the ocean’s last wild places are protected in the long term. The Blue Prosperity Coalitionis a group of organizations with expertise in ocean planning and protected area development that will work with governments to develop sustainable ocean use policies while protecting key areas. By working together, our organizations—the Waitt Institute, National Geographic Pristine Seas, Oceans 5 and Dynamic Planet—can plot a course toward a sustainable ocean future in partnership with governments around the world.

In launching the Blue Prosperity Coalition, our organizations are guided by these five principles:

  1. Our oceans need urgentprotection.
  2. We can improve both the environment and the economyat the same time.
  3. At least 30% of the ocean must be protected.
  4. Protection is best achieved through comprehensive, science-based plans that are developed in consultation with key stakeholders in the communities supported and impacted by our ocean.
  5. Working together with committed Government leadership, we can achieve sustainable and productivesolutions for the ocean.

As Waitt Institute Founder Ted Waitt said, “No one person, no one entity can save the oceans, but if we work together this is a problem we can fix.” National Geographic Pristine Seas is proud to be part of the Blue Prosperity Coalition.

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